How Compeat customer, Founding Farmers, became the most booked restaurant in the United States for five years running

We really can’t say it enough, we have the absolute coolest customers in the restaurant industry.  And we were thrilled to see Farmers Restaurant Group recently featured on in an article about How Founding Farmers Became the Most Booked Restaurant in the U.S. for Five Years Running!

Farmers Restaurant Group’s story began in 2005 when the members of the North Dakota Farming Union (NDFU) began talking about the future and their desire to take people back to the source, to the foods that are grown, raised, and harvested on American family farms.  They choose our nation’s capital as a fitting site for a new restaurant and rightfully named the concept as a nod to our Founding Fathers. Today, not only is their D.C. location wildly popular but so are their other four locations around the D.C. metropolitan area.

So what is the secret to becoming the most booked restaurant on Open Table in the U.S. for the past five years?  One of Founder Farmers’ Owner, restaurateur Dan Simons, discussed in the article three key factors that he contributes their success to:

1. Getting to Know your Guests

Farmers Restaurant Group works hard to stay current and really understand their guests on a day-to-day, meal-by-meal basis. It all begins with a centralized call center that work to oversee reservations and reviews, and help with the front of the house pacing in each of the restaurants, getting people in the door and eating, all of which is instrumental to brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

2. Variety is the Spice of Life

For Farmers Restaurant Group, variety is the spice of life when it comes to menu offerings. A large and varied menu is important to meet the range of guests that dine with them.

“We design our menu with approachability in mind for the many versus the few. Our menus have proven to be a popular draw,” says Simons. “Part of our brand is classic American food, from meatloaf with gravy to shrimp and grits, but with our own unique spin on each dish. We want everyone to be able to get something that they will like.”

3. Catering to your Guests

Farmers Restaurant Group believes in innovation without losing sight of value and who their guests truly are.

“We want our guests to feel that we are taking care of them, all the while taking care of this land we all call home and our family farmers,” says Simons. “We meet them where they are, in the complexity of their lives and give them a comfortable seat, tasty food and drink, and good service. It’s that simple, regardless of how complex it might be to execute.

Farmers Restaurant Group has been a Compeat customer since 2009 and currently use Compeat Accounting, Inventory, Labor, Schedule, Hire, and Commissary products to streamline their operations and run more efficient restaurants so management can be out on the floor ensuring they cater to their guests instead of stuck in the back office in a stack of paperwork.

It’s been an honor to grow with you Farmers Restaurant Group and we are so proud of your success!