Commander’s Palace’s Virtual Wine & Cheese Tastings Take Hospitality Beyond the Four Walls

This article was written by Bret Thorn with Restaurant Hospitality.

he owners of Commander’s Palace, the 125-year-old fine-dining landmark in New Orleans, have long wanted to expand the experience that they offer their guests to a broader audience. With the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic, they figured out how to do that: Every Wednesday, owners Lally Brennan and Ti Martin, and Commander’s wine director Dan Davis, host a Zoom chat for which virtual attendees get deliveries of wine, cheese, charcuterie and accompaniments and taste them all together, often joined by the producers of those products.

The Virtual Wine & Cheese Party — or the “Zoom that saved Wednesdays” as some regular attendees now call it — has developed a loyal following among locals, and their first attempt at a national chat had more than 1,000 attendees…

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