Colony Grill is “On Board” with Compeat

In 1935, a post-Prohibition tavern named Colony Grill opened in an Irish
neighborhood in Stamford, Connecticut. Since then, they have become
famous for what is now its only menu offering, a one-of-a-kind, thin-crust
pizza that is served simply – with or without their signature hot oil.
Colony Grill installed Compeat Advantage in September 2012 to manage
inventory and provide accounting for its four restaurants. In 2013 they
implemented Advantage Workforce to handle time & attendance and
labor scheduling in the restaurants. In 2015
they implemented Compeat OnBoard to
address applicant tracking and new
employee onboarding in the restaurants.
Their implementation of Compeat OnBoard
has resulted in numerous benefits.
Prior to implementing Compeat OnBoard, Colony Grill utilized a recruiting
and onboarding process that required a lot of paperwork and manual
processes. Applicants had to visit the restaurant and complete a paper
application that was left for the Manager to review. If a decision was made
to hire, the applicant would manually complete all the new hire forms and
the Manager would then scan and email the paperwork to their Human
Resources department. The process was time consuming, tedious for all
parties, and required a lot of paperwork and filing.
Colony Grill was one of the original
adopters of Compeat OnBoard. They
rapidly automated and streamlined the
applicant tracking and new hire
process. Job postings, application forms,
application screening, and onboarding
requirements were all put online.
Applicants were able to submit
applications and be notified of hiring
status online and via mobile devices.
“Prior to Compeat, accepting applications and onboarding new hires required significant effort and paperwork by
everyone involved. With Compeat OnBoard, we can now accept all applications online, review and assess
candidates, provide offers, and onboard new hires digitally,” says Paul Coniglio, CEO and Co-Founder of Colony Grill.
OnBoard has provided Colony Grill with a streamlined hiring process that leverages the internet and mobile devices.
They customize applications, post open positions, and screen/validate potential hires before extending an offer, all
online and via any internet compatible device. New hire paperwork including W-4s, I-9s, direct deposit forms,
company handbook, and confidentiality agreements are now electronic and are digitally completed and filed.
All recruiting and new hire information can be accessed online by other
restaurant managers (with appropriate security clearance) and remotely by
Colony Grill’s HR department. New hire information can then be exported to
ADP for payroll. “OnBoard has created a seamless workflow that has resulted
in reduced errors and increased efficiency for our staff,” says Coniglio.
Colony also benefits with OnBoard’s seamless integration with the rest of their
Compeat suite of products. New hire information also updates Advantage
Workforce in the restaurants for time & attendance and labor scheduling.
“The fact that we can easily integrate and utilize all the tools in the Advantage
suite together is very beneficial. Managers have similar experiences in each so
it’s easy and seamless for them to learn a new tool,” says Coniglio.
Colony Grill received an important benefit from Compeat OnBoard that they
were not anticipating – OnBoard allows them to provide a much improved
experience for new hires. In 2015 Colony Grill won an award for Top Workplace
in Connecticut and OnBoard helps them continue to embrace this theme.
“OnBoard makes a new employee’s first experience with Colony Grill extremely
positive,” says Coniglio.
Going Forward
Colony Grill is continuing to grow with plans for expansion in the future. They’ll
be utilizing Compeat Advantage for inventory control and accounting; Workforce for time & attendance and
scheduling; and OnBoard for applicant tracking & onboarding at the new location. “It’s nice to simply turn on a
new location in Compeat without having an issue every time we open a restaurant. Compeat makes it easier for us
to grow!” finishes Coniglio.