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How Small Chains are Growing with Ghost Kitchens

This article was written by Joe Guskowski with Restaurant Business. The people of Long Beach really wanted a Mendocino Farms. And the interest was mutual. “We figured we’d end up there at some point,” said Kevin Miles, CEO of the … Continued


Chipotle to Open its First Digital-Only Restaurant

This article was written by Julie Littman with Restaurant Dive. This isn’t likely to be the only new kitchen prototype Chipotle develops. Its new Cultivate Center, a 22,000-square-foot facility near Chipotle’s Irvine, California, headquarters will be used to test prototypes … Continued


Four Ways to Fuel Profitability During a Pandemic

Snooze AM

According to the National Restaurant Association the restaurant industry is positioned to lose $40 billion in sales just in the final two months of the year. Here are four ways you can continue to keep your restaurant operation healthy and … Continued


Florida Voters Approve a $15 Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage Worker

This article was written by By Peter Romeo, Joe Guszkowski and Jonathan Maze for Restaurant Business. The 2020 presidential election is apparently far from being decided. But a number of states approved ballot measures that could have a significant impact on the restaurant industry. That … Continued