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The Addition of UNION, Square, Qu, NEXTEP, ITWERCS, and Silverware Cloud Based POS Hoists the Number of Compeat’s Interfaces to Nearly 85 Integrations with POS Vendors and Time Clocks 

Compeat Point of Sale Partners

Compeat, the most comprehensive restaurant specific accounting, back office, workforce and business intelligence management software, has partnered with Union, Square, Qu, Nextep, ITWERCS, and Silverware Cloud Based point of sale solutions to deliver data intelligence allowing restaurants to manage their operations, improve customer … Continued


San Francisco to Reopen Dining Rooms Soon

This article was written by Ben Coley with FSR Magazine. San Francisco is moving forward with indoor dining plans, but they won’t be implemented until after the end of September.  When that time comes, restaurants may allow 25 percent capacity, … Continued


NYC Restaurants Sit at a Survival Crossroads

This article was written by Danny Klein with FSR Magazine. The cut-throat nature of New York City’s real estate market made it difficult for small businesses to thrive even before the pandemic. But it was a high-risk, alluringly high-reward arena … Continued


US Foods’ Latest Product Launch is All About Off-Premises

This article was featured in FSR Magazine. US Foods announced the launch of Fall Scoop 2020, titled “On Point With Off-Premise—Designed To Make It.” This special edition of Scoop features 14 products designed to address trends within off-premises dining such … Continued


Saving Money, Time, & Peace of Mind

Contributed by our partner, PlateIQ You can’t turn a corner in the restaurant industry these days without hearing about different technological innovations. You hear about robots in the kitchens, and online ordering platforms every time you start a simple google … Continued