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Compeat’s Focus on Security – More Important Than Ever

In 2020, Compeat has put more focus than ever before on security of our systems and data against any potential cyber security attack.  We have hired security experts as well as increased our investment in security and compliance  software and … Continued


Tip from the Compeat Team – Unmapped Vendors

Customer Question: I’m missing invoices from my EDI feed in Radar and I can not figure out why? Help! Tip from the Compeat Team: This could be due to unmapped vendors. If you see the exclamation point icon in the upper right … Continued


Tip from the Compeat Team – Switching your POS

Customer Question: I’m looking into switching my POS system. What other Point of Sales do you integrate with and what’s the process of switching look like? Tip from the Compeat Team: Great question! We integrate with many point of sale systems and actually just added … Continued


Four Ways to Fuel Profitability During a Pandemic

Snooze AM

According to the National Restaurant Association the restaurant industry is positioned to lose $40 billion in sales just in the final two months of the year. Here are four ways you can continue to keep your restaurant operation healthy and … Continued


Tip from the Compeat Team – Payroll Processing

Customer Question: I’m processing payroll as we speak. I made edits to my labor for a couple days ago. I repolled those days, but I’m not seeing those changes. Why not? Tip from the Compeat Team: This is a good one, as … Continued


Tip from the Compeat Team – Bank Imports

Customer Question: In regards to bank imports, among the available fields are Trx Amount, Debit, and Credit. The import file I’ll be using has one column for amount, with debits being positive and credits being negative. Do I use trx amount … Continued


Tip from the Compeat Team – Manager Swap Approval Setting

Customer Question: Right now, if a team member “offers” a shift to a particular person, it shows up on the shift approval page as awaiting employee approval.  We have had a couple of instances where a manager accidentally approved the trade, … Continued