Top Five Recession Proof Checklist: Cash is King – $O Upfront Cost Ideas with Big Bottom Line Savings

Saves Restaurant Operators Time, Money and Promotes Cashless and Touchless Operations 

Do you have less employees that must do more these days? Are you not able to get to the office to pick up checks? Are you looking for a solution for cashless operations? Are you getting the best market price with every food item? Are you looking for best practices to control your labor and food costs? With COVID-19 crisis, every restaurant operator should engage with these five no cost and big potential bottom line saving ideas. 

  1. Compeat Pay: Free for Compeat Advantage Customers:

    To help restaurants during COVID-19, Compeat is waiving all check processing fees for six months for Advantage customers adding Compeat Pay this month in lieu of cash back option. Restaurants can’t get into the office to write checks- Compeat Pay solves this issue. Restaurants have laid off personnel and having to do more with less- Compeat Pay saves accounting teams hours every week. Improve your cash flow, save time and increase your security with Compeat Pay. Click here to learn more. 

  2. rapid! PayCard® Visa® Payroll Card: Go 100% cashless at no costs to you or your employees:

    Restaurants are struggling with creating checks and getting checks to employees.  At $0 cost to employer and to employee, rapid! PayCard gives restaurants the tool for 100% cashless and touchless operation while providing the benefits to employees like early pay, cash back rewards, interest bearing savings and mobile on-boarding. Click here

  3. Consolidated Concepts and Dining Alliance: Earn cashback on your everyday purchases: 

    No cost to join and substantial savings awaits. Join a group purchasing organization and gain access to $10B in buying power with 350+ manufacturers covering over 165,000 line items, many of which you are probably buying today. Reduce costs, improve quality, streamline the supply chain and gain valuable business insights. If you have <10 locations, click here for Dining Alliance and > 10 locations, click here for Consolidated Concepts and start receiving cash back rebates today.

  4. Synergi Tax Credits: Free Assessment for potential tax credits:

    There are many potential tax credits that your restaurant may be eligible for that can positively impact your cash flow. From existing Disaster Relief Credits that can date back to 2017 to new tax incentives under the FFCRA and CARES Act, including the Employee Retention Credit to WOTC tax credit for new hires. Listen to our tax credit webinar here  or fill out this form to get Synergi’s free assessment.  

  5. Compeat Best Practices and Refresher Training:  Free Advantage and Radar Webinars:

    Come back stronger than ever with best practices and free training on Compeat Advantage and Radar products.  The Compeat Resources page has several free webinars such as “How to Transition to Take out and Delivery,” “How to Spring Clean your Compeat Database” and our new “Compeat Coffee Chats” featuring Compeat experts sharing tips and best practices to save you time and money. Check it out here.