Family owned and operated for over 40 years, Spinato’s Pizzeria is an Arizona based pizzeria with five bustling locations. Their signature recipes use only the finest ingredients, in the tradition of old-world Italy, to bring their guests a fresh and authentic flavor.


Spinato’s Pizzeria was deep in complicated Excel spreadsheets, trying manually to manage labor, food costs and scheduling. Taking inventory and managing sales on an Excel spreadsheet was difficult, but managing the formulas behind the spreadsheet was even more tedious and time consuming. Quick to realize the need for accurate data across all five locations, Spinato’s Pizzeria started to look for one robust solution.


Seeking a comprehensive SaaS offering that would save time and money, Spinato’s Pizzeria chose Ctuit Software (now Compeat) to integrate their labor, Accounts Payable and administration under one cloud-based umbrella. With this streamlined solution, Spinato’s Pizzeria is able to save time and money by efficiently managing sales and labor.

“Rolling out new modules has been easy and the support has been amazing. Any time we call, we always get an immediate answer. It’s overwhelming how good Ctuit (now Compeat) has been for us.”

– Todd Vierra Director of Operations


By utilizing Compeat, Spinato’s Pizzeria has seen 9.5% sales growth in the past year.
Advanced Labor Scheduler: With this automated and intuitive software, Managers can more efficiently manage their restaurant and day-to-day operations. For example, previously, a manager would have to manually investigate which employees were working less than 30 hours. By implementing Compeat, Spinato’s was able to determine the hours worked vs. the hours scheduled for each employee with the click of a button. Compeat’s daily reports and overtime alerts have helped Spinato’s decrease comps and voids by 3.5% this year, saving them almost $2,000 every week.

“Scheduling was a nightmare before we adopted Ctuit (now Compeat) Schedules. Having the ability to do shift exchanges and time off requests through the app has saved us time and money. And the employees love it.”

– Todd Vierra Director of Operations

Compeat Schedules: Spinato’s Pizzeria was an early adopter of Compeat’s newest app, Compeat Schedules, which allows employees to view schedules, trade shifts, request time off and send messages through any mobile device. Prior to Compeat, Spinato’s Pizzeria went through the tedious task of manually creating their daily and weekly schedules in excel spreadsheets. Maintaining these spreadsheets would take Managers three to six hours per week to edit and proof. Using Compeat Schedules has cut their weekly labor scheduling time in half and has helped Spinato’s double-check for any staffing issues and manage time off requests. Having the ability to exchange shifts online has also saved money on the physical shift change books, saving this pizza chain over $1,200 per year. By building templates and reviewing schedules in Compeat, Spinato’s has reduced their labor costs by 1.5%. Todd Vierra, Director of Operations for Spinato’s Pizzeria, states, “Scheduling was a nightmare before we adopted Compeat Schedules. Having the ability to do shift exchanges and time off requests through Compeat’s app has saved us time and money. And the employees love it.”
Payroll Validation: Compeat’s Payroll Validation module catches potential errors in paychecks before they are processed. Spinato’s saved time and money by implementing this critical module to double-check payroll and identify potential problems prior to issuing paychecks. Compeat’s Payroll Validation helps Spinato’s management team feel confident about payroll before processing it.
On The Fly™: Compeat’s On The Fly™ mobile app delivers valuable real-time data that allows management to view and analyze sales and labor from any location.


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