Hooked & Revolution Dining Success Story

Born and raised in Colorado, Riley Romanin has had a passion for food since an early age. His formal training began with the PROSTART Program at Battle Mountain High School. Riley was the first student to finish this program in the Vail Valley, completing his intern hours working first as a prep cook, and eventually as a pastry chef, at the Bristol in Arrowhead, CO. Riley holds a degree in Culinary Arts from Mesa State College in Grand Junction, CO. He served as Sous Chef at the Wine Cask in Santa Barbara, CA, and became the Executive Chef/Manager at Foxnut Asian Fusion & Sushi in Beaver Creek, before opening “Hooked” and later “Revolution”, both in Beaver Creek, Colorado.


Like most Chef Operators, Riley is more passionate being in the kitchen preparing the freshest beef and seafood than the he is about tending to the tedious and time consuming details of running the back office. His team was using a combination of POS reports and accounting software. Manually moving data between the systems takes a long time and threatens the integrity of the data each time it is moved. With the two different concepts and plans to soon almost double the seating at Hooked and expand Revolution within the hotel to include Tracks, a grab-and-go sandwich shop and oxygen bar, Riley knew they needed a cohesive, one-stop-shop back office management system to support his growing business.

“I love having allof the information I need right at my fingertips.”

– Cat Hulford Accounting


After researching various restaurant solutions, Riley decided to partner with Compeat. They chose Compeat Inventory which will help simplify the inventory process and help reduce F&B costs with Inventory Control, Recipe Analysis, Menu Costing and actual vs. theoretical inventory analytics.

The restaurants have also purchased Compeat Labor which helps manage labor costs and ensure compliance with all the relevant government agencies through it ability to automatically calculate all federal, state, jurisdictional rules to do a full wage calculation including multi-store overtime, spread of hours rules and make up pay for tip compliance reporting.

Both of these are seamlessly fed into Compeat Accounting, providing total control and audit of all operations through one central office.


Hooked and Revolution Dining are very pleased with their decision to use Compeat’s software suite. “I love having all of the information I need right at my fingertips” says Cat Hulford, Accounting. “I use Compeat for everything. I can manipulate the reports in so many ways, quickly getting the answers I need to do my job right when I need them. They turn raw data into actionable reports that make my job easier.”

A great chef knows that every ingredient plays a role in the taste of a dish. The same can be said about a restaurant’s business intelligence systems; successful operators are those who pay attention to every detail both inside and outside of the kitchen. They need to truly understand their operations in order to carve out a sustainable business. Compeat provides a fully integrated suite of tools to help operators manage their business and understand how every transaction affects their bottom line.

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