Pitfire Artisan Pizza Success Story

Pitfire Artisan Pizza has been serving rustic, handcrafted pizzas and marrying simple ingredients with superior craftsmanship to Angelenos since 1997. Today, the company operates seven locations in the Southern California area with 350 employees, serving a combined 3,000 pizzas per day. Pitfire Artisan Pizza has doubled the size of the company in the past year and recently opened the seventh location on January 30th in Manhattan Beach.


Recognizing their rapid growth and evolving system needs, Pitfire Artisan Pizza was outgrowing their Excel spreadsheets, manual tracking and reporting systems. The manual tracking worked for two to three units, but doubling in size lead them to realize that their primary means of reporting was susceptible to error. Transitioning from POSitouch to Focus POS, Pitfire Artisan Pizza created manual reports from the various systems. Evaluating plate costs, tracking trends and monitoring labor was challenging with restaurants on different systems. Plus, with the new store openings, Pitfire Artisan Pizza needed a standardized platform with integrity to accelerate and manage growth. In addition, an accounting system conversion from Quickbooks to their new accounting system, Great Plains was also undertaken.

“Ctuit (now Compeat) RADAR is intuitive and easy to use, which allows for financial and non-financial restaurant orientated managers and staff the ability to positively impact their respective areas of responsibility..”

– Carlos Bernal Chief Executive

With their growth, various units were converted to the new system before others, requiring additional integration effort. Pitfire Artisan Pizza needed accountability in terms of labor and costs and sought a partner whom would support them through ongoing configurations of the system as new requirements arose.


Pitfire Artisan Pizza management selected Ctuit (now Compeat) RADAR for insight and control for their restaurant business and consolidated reporting across all locations. Compeat RADAR provided their comprehensive solution to manage all of the operational requirements specific to Pitfire Artisan Pizza’s business. The web-based solution quickly compiles accurate financial and operational data that is critical for making decisions that increases sales and lowers costs. Now with Compeat RADAR, Pitfire Artisan Pizza gains a new level of control over the guest experience. With Compeat’s modular format, Pitfire Artisan Pizza can choose how and when they use the various modules.

“We appreciate the accurate, timely information, excellent support and continual upgrades.”

– Carlos Bernal Chief Executive


Being POS agnostic, the transition to Compeat RADAR has been seamless. Setting up a template for each new store has helped their growth process. Compeat RADAR allows Pitfire Artisan Pizza to gather data without worrying about what POS system they have in each location. This makes tracking reports and trends and establishing benchmarks easier for their GM’s and the home office.
In conjunction with the new accounting system, the weekly inventory, flash reports and monthly income statements have given them significant financial benefits.
Since implementing Compeat RADAR, Pitfire Artisan Pizza has been streamlining costs, improving efficiencies, realizing savings and working more efficiently through improved reporting.

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