Mission Restaurant Group Fulfills Restaurant Investor’s Needs with Compeat Advantage

Mission Restaurant Group provides fullmanagement, consulting and accounting services to the restaurant industry. Mission Restaurant Group also provides the hiring and leasing of employees to work at each of the restaurants. Mission Restaurant Group began six years ago with three restaurants and now provides services for seven full-service restaurants and two micro-breweries. In order to provide full management and accounting services for these seven restaurants and the micro-brewery distribution center, Mission Restaurant Group counts on Compeat.


Prior to the formation of Mission Restaurant Group, the team was utilizing a DOS based back office system and Real World accounting. Program integration was nonexistent, which resulted in additional labor hours needed to manually update information from each restaurant. In addition, their out-dated Payroll system could not manage employees on-location at each restaurant. When Mission Restaurant Group was first formed, they began looking for a fully-integrated, webbased system that would not only fulfill their back office and accounting needs, but also provide them with a Payroll and Commissary solution. Compeat was their answer!

“Compeat is truly unique software that brings your whole operation into one package.” – Barry Haven President


Compeat now provides Mission Restaurant Group with a complete back office, accounting, payroll, and commissary solution. With Compeat’s web-enabled architecture, all information, from inventory receipts at the restaurant to the profit-andloss statements at the company office, is always available, always in balance, and always in one common database. “Compeat is truly unique software that brings your whole operation into one package,” raves Barry Haven, President of Mission Restaurant Group.

Mission Restaurant Group employees and stakeholders agree that Compeat eXcellent Financial Functions are a favorite. These functions allow Mission Restaurant Group to customize reports the owners and investors are seeking and provide these reports on a weekly basis. “Once you’ve built your templates, the time required to generate new reports decreases significantly. We’re not reinventing the wheel every time an investor asks for a report. This has made us more efficient and given the owners and investors more insight into the restaurants’ financials on a more frequent basis,” says Haven.


As an added benefit, Mission Restaurant Group has also been able to utilize the accounting functions within Compeat Advantage to maintain the real estate financials for the various restaurants. Since the investment groups own the actual property the restaurants are on, but there are separate owners who own the restaurants, they often have different requests and needs. Haven says: “Compeat is able to manage all financial aspects and provide the investors and owners with the financial data they seek.”
Mission Restaurant Group hires all of their employees to work at each of the restaurants they manage and leases them out to the restaurant owners. With Compeat Payroll, they are able to easily track and pay each one of these employees. From polling employee sales and tips, to handling multi-department employees, to printing payroll checks as well as direct deposit – payroll became quite simple with Compeat. Mission Restaurant Group is also able file one consolidated government report for all of their restaurants, as well as utilize Compeat Greenshades e-filing for their tip incomes and allocated tips.

“There is no limit to what Compeat can do.” – Barry Haven President

Mission Restaurant Group also manages the accounting for Northern United Brewing Company and manages their two restaurant operations – Artisan Ales and Jolly Pumpkin. These micro-breweries/restaurants count on Compeat Commissary to handle all shipments and sales of their beer worldwide. They also ship product within the company and can easily transmit inventory and prep requisitions to each store. Compeat Commissary also enables them to dig deeper and analyze usage trends and sales history by restaurant.

Going Forward

Mission Restaurant Group is in the process of assuming management of an existing restaurant concept and is also opening a companion deli operation. They plan on utilizing Compeat for both of these operations. “There is no limit to what Compeat can do,” according to Haven.

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