Macayo’s Manages Commissary & Integrates Accounting Using Compeat’s Back Office

Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen is a successful Arizona-based Mexican food chain. Since their founding in 1946 as a six-table establishment called Woody’s El Nido, this family-owned and operated chain has grown to 16 units in Arizona and Nevada.

The Macayo’s enterprise includes a commissary, allowing them to produce fresh prep items like salsa using family recipes, and without tying up valuable kitchen time and space. The commissary also serves as a distribution site and warehouse for beer and liquor, cleaning supplies, and paper goods.


Macayo’s had found managing their commissary and 16 restaurants using their current inventory system unwieldy. Also, none of their existing systems were integrated – the accounting, inventory, and POS systems each stood alone. Data had to be manually transferred among them.


Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen selected Compeat Advantage because it simplifies their backoffice management by putting their inventory, general accounting, and sales data into one powerful, easy-to-use product. It includes features specifically designed for commissary management, and seamlessly integrates with all of their different POS products, which include Micros 3700, Micros 8700, Micros 9700, and Aloha.

Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen’s Kathy Biernot states: “I was 100% in favor of Compeat five minutes into the demo. The other software we’d seen was just enhanced accounting packages, not designed for restaurants. For the restaurant industry, this is the best.”

“It was a nightmare to keep up with all the systems. There was no way to get Flash P&L’s because the data was in different places.”

– Kathy Biernot, Accounting Supervisor


Now that Macayo’s uses Compeat Advantage, they have seen improvements in their ability to track and report on all aspects of their operation, including financials, food costs, and commissary.

For example, their home office has eliminated a 10-day financial statement preparation and review cycle, and management can now run financials daily if desired. As well as giving Macayo’s immediate access to their data, Compeat has also improved the accuracy of the data. All data is now from a single-source; none is re-keyed to produce the financials, eliminating a potential source of errors.

“Compeat is one of the few accounting products available that is fully-integrated, interfaces with all of our POS systems, and also supports commissaries.”

– Bob Myers Chief Financial Officer

Additionally, the integration has resulted in overall lower food costs for their restaurants. Biernot says, “With Compeat our restaurant managers are far more aware of the actual costs of product. Before, they could not see the effects of price increases immediately. Now it is easy to run a report and see the impact of cheese going up 40¢. The managers watch their usage more closely, and can verify if a food cost increase is due to a purchasing change, a kitchen issue, or perhaps over-ordering.”

Compeat has also placed the commissary, which provides 85% of each store’s inventory, on the same level as any other vendor. The restaurants enter orders into the Compeat system and electronically transmit them to the commissary. When the commissary ships the order, the invoice reflecting the actual shipped items is available in the restaurant immediately, and can be posted. This allows the restaurant managers to handle the input and verification of all their purchasing data, improving the accuracy of the data and eliminating this task from the home office.

Going Forward

Now that Macayo’s has been using Compeat for the last year, they have their basic business processes in place. This gives them the time to further explore the myriad features of the software. Macayo’s plans to develop additional flash financials, including comparatives, using the eXcellent™ Financial functions.

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