Sunshine Restaurant Corp Increases Control, Reduces Costs, & Improves Efficiency

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar is one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing restaurant chains in the country with over 615 company-owned and franchised restaurants in 41 states. This concept is more than just a NY-style wing joint with 14 signature sauces. It is also a sports bar, complete with a full menu featuring everything from salads to burgers, and a variety of specialty items. A modified wait-style service allows them to offer affordable, made-to-order food that can be enjoyed in the restaurant or at home through takeout. Sunshine Restaurant Corp (SUNSHINE) has the rights for 12 franchised locations in Central Florida with 5 currently operating and counts on the Compeat Advantage solution to help them increase control, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.

“Compeat is the backbone of each restaurant.” – Andrew Gross President/CEO


SUNSHINE, like many other restaurants today, previously relied on spreadsheets and POS systems to manage their inventory. However, utilizing different POS systems each with their own recipe module tied to inventory, made it very difficult to monitor inventory usage. Managers were therefore lacking the control they desired.

In addition to lack of control, SUNSHINE managers found themselves doing extra work to manually pinpoint inventory problems and this work was difficult, time consuming, and often inaccurate. It was also impossible to keep the inventory/ recipe databases consistent between the stores. Consequently, a large amount of food was wasted without being recognized. With a lack of control and poor efficiencies, SUNSHINE began to see higher food and beverage costs and labor inefficiencies and thus began their search of a solution.


SUNSHINE decided to implement the Compeat Advantage for all of their restaurants and for their corporate office. The Compeat back office functions were implemented for each restaurant manager so they could track and control inventory, calculate theoretical costs and usage to establish variances, and manage daily cash and sales from their POS. Compeat accounting functions were implemented at the corporate office for Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and eXcellent™ Financial reporting.

SUNSHINE’s managers also use Compeat’s inter-store transfer feature to track inventory that is moved from one restaurant to another. SUNSHINE also maintains a central inventory and uses Compeat’s online ordering system to transmit orders, print picking tickets, and track shipments through receipt in the restaurants. This provides SUNSHINE with easy to manage central inventory controls while also automatically creating inter-company journal entries to accurately adjust costs.


SUNSHINE has identified their top three gains from Compeat as being Increased Control, Reduced Costs, and an Improvement in Efficiency. “We were able to gain control and improve efficiency in how we order, transfer, and track our products,” said Andrew Gross, President and CEO of SUNSHINE. “Our Managers are now also able to directly compare theoretical inventory quantities to actual and identify exactly where variances are occurring,” Gross continued. According to Gross, his managers are now able to spend less time pushing spreadsheets and more time focusing on employee and customer satisfaction.

Using an excel spreadsheet tied into Compeat via the eXcellent™ Financial Functions, SUNSHINE’s managers have direct access to a live P&L. This enables the restaurant managers to see the same information as the corporate office at the same time. Problem isolation is much quicker. The management team gets a greater understanding of the costs and therefore exhibit better cost controls.

The SUNSHINE corporate office utilizes Compeat’s accounts payable feature in order to manage A/P more efficiently. This proved to be an incredible time saver and improved the efficiency at the corporate office and at the restaurants. They also benefit from a “true” accounting system versus a bookkeeping system in QuickBooks.

“We were able to gain control and improve efficiency in how we order, transfer, and track our products.”

– Andrew Gross President/CEO

SUNSHINE has achieved significant cost savings in all of their Buffalo Wild Wings locations since the deployment of Compeat. While Gross did not pinpoint an exact figure for his reduction in cost of goods sold, typical Compeat customers experience a 3% to 5% reduction. Gross also mentioned gains from Compeat’s web-enabled platform which provides him with a centralized database, seamless integration, and keeps all information in balance, all of the time. “Compeat has really helped us tighten up our operations and to prepare us for further growth.”

Going Forward

As SUNSHINE continues to expand their Buffalo Wild Wings locations they will open each store with Compeat. SUNSHINE is anxious to integrate Compeat Payroll into their suite of products and they are also very excited about the launch of Compeat Insight which will provide them with business intelligence and performance reporting. “Compeat is the backbone of each restaurant,” states Gross.

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