BarFly Ventures Success Story


With eight locations and aggressive expansion plans to open several new HopCat locations in the Midwest, HopCat and BarFly Ventures knew they needed to update their Payroll, Human Resources and Operations teams with a strong, reliable above-store Business Intelligence solution. The Payroll system was manual, with staff tediously exporting data from Aloha. Their Human Resources and the Operations teams set out to find the most robust solution that would help them simplify the payroll process and gain insight and control into their operations as they grew


In the spring of 2014, HopCat and BarFly Ventures chose Ctuit (now Compeat) RADAR as their web based Business Intelligence solution that would easily integrate into all of their POS, Human Resources and Payroll systems. Compeat RADAR allows BarFly corporate office staff to access store-level data in an intuitive and easy manner.

“With Ctuit (now Compeat), we are saving time and money, and increasing productivity.”

– Chris Knape Marketing &
Communications Director


Increased productivity has saved them time and money, enabling them to focus on their growth instead of payroll processing. One member of the Payroll team often says, “If you ever get rid of Ctuit (now Compeat), I am leaving!”
With over 700 employees, operators can track staff’s overtime and avoid problems before they grow. An easy, one-stop view of our house account usage and balances for employees. This usage is then taxed, through payroll, so Compeat allows for more efficiency in this process.

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