213 Ventures Deploys with Business Intelligence

Software provides critical restaurant data for insight and control

Ctuit Software (now Compeat), a leader in business intelligence software for restaurants, announced that 213 Ventures, the premier purveyor of LA nightlife entertainment, implemented Compeat RADAR in its locations including Seven Grand and Las Perlas. The web-based solution enables restaurant management to access and generate reports on the daily operations, including sales, inventory, and payroll, of the business.

With RADAR, 213 management has consistent sales reports across its locations which are generated easily and instantaneously. The solution enables payroll processing to be streamlined and more accurate. In addition, having the visibility into daily operations with RADAR, the company can immediately address any issues with sales and trends.

Another example of how 213 uses RADAR is the analysis of product mix reports. These reports drive the drink menus at their bars. With RADAR, management can see what type of cocktails are selling and the liquors used to adjust their menus appropriately and negotiate with vendors on inventory.

“With Ctuit (now Compeat) RADAR, we were able to reduce travel time and emails to gather information and generate reports from each location. Now, managers are able to access operational information online – anytime, anywhere. Also, having the ability to view historical data allows us to evaluate sales trends and make the appropriate strategic decisions for our business,” commented Skyler Reeves, Director of Operations, 213.

“As restaurants and hospitality operators expand, they require insight into the operational details across all of their sites. We continue to see businesses, like 213, achieve timely response to key metric points including sales and inventory, by deploying RADAR,” said Rob D’Ambrosia, former President and CEO, Ctuit Software.

Compeat RADAR is a complete above-store, BI, Analytical and Financial reporting tool that gives the entire management team deep insight and control to quickly identify trends and operational issues. Compeat RADAR users make informed, fact-based decisions critical to success.

About 213 Ventures

The first nightlife developer to stake a claim in Historic Downtown, 213 continues to set Los Angeles standards for distinctive nightlife experiences and enliven the city’s cocktail culture. Set in reimagined architectural gems, 213’s collection of urban classics; Seven Grand, Broadway Bar, Golden Gopher, Cole’s Red Car Bar, The Varnish, Casey’s, Tony’s, CAÑA, and Las Perlas are a magnet for downtown dwellers, the city’s diverse workforce, downtown LA’s influential arts & creative community, and the multiculturals & social entrepreneurs reinventing modern city living. Linda Dishman, executive director of the Los Angeles Conservancy, applauds the results, “This is a company that totally gets it. Real preservation isn’t merely protecting old buildings, it’s reactivating them.”

For more information, visit https://www.213downtown.la. Please contact Stephen Dorame, 213 Events, to book private parties and special events at stephen(at)213downtown(dot)la, or call 213.258.8100. To find the latest happenings at 213, and drink specials, follow us on Twitter.

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